Selldorf Architects

Selldorf Architects, located at Manhattan’s Union Square, has acquired an international reputation for work that is sensitive to context and program, thoughtful in execution, and timeless. Established by Annabelle Selldorf in 1988, the firm has

worked on public and private projects that range from museums and libraries to a recycling facility; and at scales from the construction of new buildings to the restoration of historic interiors and furniture design.

Their design approach engages a critical process that eliminates the unnecessary and proposes clear, succinct solutions in which all elements—from broad concept to fine detail—coexist in a carefully considered balance.

Completed from 2001 - 2015: Concept, design and development of various websites; The most recent project which launched in September 2015, is a fully responsive and extremely flexible company website for Selldorf Architects. Built on a customised "Wordpress" content management system, it allows for individually designed and targeted project presentation pages.

The design of the site is based on the idea of allowing for any kind of content, no matter what size or format it is being uploaded to the system. Our concept of the "irregular and modular" not only pleases Selldorf's staff and saves a lot of time and some headaches, it's also key and the foundation for the ever changing compositions which showcase the impressively diverse and massive body of work of Selldorf Architects.

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