Otto Jakob

Otto Jakob is unique. Able to materialise an idea, a phantasy or thought process through techniques and skills not to be found anywhere but in nature, he sets himself apart from any competitor. Combining an impressive

fine art history with incomparable skills in the field of jewelry craft, design and production, his company required a truly unique system and site design. Otto Jakob has very clear ideas of what he wants and how to present his work.

The current website, which is the second edition we did for Otto Jakob, had to meet a whole array of particular requirements which were challenging to say the least. On the one hand, all pieces were required to be shown at exactly 125% of their original size and this on all device screens and platforms, from desktop all the way

down to smart phones. On the other hand,vertical scrolling was not allowed on all desktop screen resolutions while necessary on all other devices. The very high quality of his in-house photography and the sheer mass of retina ready enlargements which appear throughout the site, required a lot of attention from our developers.

Completed in 2014: concept, design and development of responsive "Concrete5" website;

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