Hotel City Zürich

Hotel City Zürich is a superior boutique-hotel located in the heart of Zurich. Recent, full-scale renovations on all fronts transformed this building into a comfortable, timelessly modern gem.

Everything from the facade to the interiors including the entrance, lobby & reception, salon, restaurant and other facilities plus all sixty rooms underwent a complete overhaul.

Furthermore the decision was made, to re-design the identity and everything that goes along with it from scratch. Logo, facade lettering and emblem, printed matter from A - Z as well as a new website were now part of the agenda.

Wrapping our heads around this challenging project meant to simultaneously plan, create and develop on a number of levels. But vivid interaction with the client allowed for a straight forward design process, ruling out and narrowing down until the event horizon of mutual understanding was found.

Researching materials and colors for analog applications required precise coordination with the architect, interior designer, electrician, glass expert, metal worker and stonemason alike. Most importantly, the designs and plans had to meet tight building-code guidelines and laws without compromising the design.

Completed in 2014: identity, printed matter for hotel lobby, rooms, reception and administration; design and development of multilingual, responsive website with Typo3 content management system, set-up of company pages for social media sites; concept and design of custom-made metal facade lettering and emblem; architectural photography by Marc Lins Photography; for more information visit the corresponding identity page or website at

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