Outset Contemp. Art Fund

Outset Contemporary Art Fund is a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting new art by bringing private funding from its patrons, partners and trustees to public museums and art projects. Since the inception of Outset England in 2003 the foundation has raised £4 million and supported

more than 80 international institutions and 160 artists. Outset benefits a wide range of institutions from grassroots to internationally established organizations through acquisitions, production, programming, education and capital campaigns.

Projects are selected in consultation with a trusted network of curators from around the globe, exposing patrons to the most exciting and innovative developments within the arena of contemporary visual art. Outset supporters are a diverse group of individuals, comprising art enthusiasts, experienced collectors and professionals.

Completed in 2011: concept, design and development of website with "Concrete5" content management system; outset.org.uk

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