Cafe Feurstein

Cafe Feurstein was founded in 1949 in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria, yet it's still a well kept secret. It's superb kitchen serves delicatessen for all occasions, events, in-house as well as catered.

Everything from daily, nifty lunch dishes to home made cakes and pastries (in former times it used to be a pastries shop), to it's extravagant dinners plays the gourmet league. 

As night falls, the legendary Stone Club located in the rear of the medieval building complex with its five foot thick walls and arches, opens it's doors to the kind of night hawks, who walk off the grid

with electronic music, mainly that Detroit kind. Respect and many thanks to the "father" of it all - Klaus Feurstein - who made his livingroom ours and outlasted so much for over 35 years now.

Completed in 2012: concept, design and development of responsive website.

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