Vica - New Website By Olex.

, by Oliver Lins
Vica_logo.jpg Vica_river-table.jpg Vica_cube-chair.jpg Vica-ag-salt-pepper-shaker.jpg Vica_escutcheon-brass.jpg

Photos: © SA/Vica, All rights reserved

We recently launched the new Vica website. It is equipped with a customised "Wordpress" content management system and has been designed to show their outstanding designs in the best possible and simplest way, so interior designers have an easy time working with it. The site purposely matches the related Selldorf Architects' one on certain key aspects of design and functionality but incorporates specific and unique layouts to perfectly showcase interior and furniture design pieces.

Vica is a collection of interior furnishings, lighting and accessories by architect Annabelle Selldorf. The collection upholds the European tradition of hand workmanship and exceptional finishing in designs imbued with the edge and innovativeness of New York, her adopted home.,,

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