Bright Lights, Big City. "Yakuza-Town" Shinjuku Kabukichō, Tokyo. Typography Impressions. Part I

, by Oliver Lins
Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-47.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-01.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-87.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-43.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-12.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-36.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-17.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-11.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-69.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-16.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-125.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-56.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-55.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-54.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-75.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-57.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-89.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-33.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-24.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-29.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-42.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-91.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-77.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-76.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-68.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-23.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-85.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-98.jpg Tokyo-Shinjuku-Oliver-Lins-86.jpg

Photos: © Oliver Lins, All rights reserved

Named after a planned kabuki theater which has never been built, Japan's largest red light district features countless restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pachinko parlors (gambling joints), love hotels and a wide variety of red light establishments for all sexes and sexual orientations.

In Japan, the term "organized crime" actually applies because the government understood that trying to eliminate it is simply impossible and hence pointless. Instead, the Yakuza clans are accepted and taken as a "fact of life" and therefore are not left alone. Police officials work closely with them by meeting in "neutral" places around town on a regular basis, thus gaining some control and order.

If you are into these establishments and what they offer, explore with caution and beware of exorbitant charges for drinks, girls or cover. This is especially true if you as well as your potential host are not Japanese. Other than that I can guarantee you that you will not find a red-light district as clean, brightly light and far away from sexy as this one.

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