Nice, Côte d'Azur, France. Architectural and Typographical Impressions. Part II

, by Oliver Lins
nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-107.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-03.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-100.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-82.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-38.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-80.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-108.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-89.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-102.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-96.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-98.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-65.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-71.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-84.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-106.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-90.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-73.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-74.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-78.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-86.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-95.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-99.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-76.jpg nice-cote-d-azur-oliver-lins-77.jpg

Photos: © Oliver Lins, All rights reserved

In a time where a few outrageously wealthy individuals are becoming increasingly greedy, it is refreshing to see that even in areas like the French Riviera, the Côte d'Azur, you can still find a lot of authenticity and very warm, friendly and grounded people.

Nice is the fifth most populous city in France, after Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse, and it is the capital of the “Alpes Maritimes département”. The city is called “Nice la Belle” which means "Nice the Beautiful" for a reason …

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